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EarthWay 2600A Plus Broadcast Spreader 18kg

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Earthway 2600A Plus Broadcast Spreader

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EarthWay 2600A Plus Broadcast Spreader 18kg

EarthWay 2600A Plus Broadcast Spreader 18kg


Available end May. The closest you can get to a commercial spreader without the cost! The EarthWay 2600A Plus medium-duty estate EV-N-SPRED broadcast spreader with SIDESPRED-CONTROL has an 18kg (40lb) rustproof poly hopper capacity, 3-hole drop shut-off system and 20cm (9") diameter pneumatic tyres.

Suitable for the application of processed white salts, ice melts, grass seed and fertiliser this spreader features the EV-N-SPRED 3-hole drop system enabling accurate distribution of fertiliser and granular products in an even spread pattern. Adjustable to meet material differences in particle size and composition, with each hole producing a third of the 180° fan.

The rate of flow can be finely adjusted using the lever on the handle which is connected by a steel rod to the hopper.

The unique SIDESPRED-CONTROL system enables you to 'shut off' two of the holes so that you can spread evenly with no waste, to one side or the other - and hence avoid getting unwanted fertilizer or weed killer on your boarders or paths. There is no need for a side deflector. (For more information please see the video below.)

The rustproof poly construction hopper has an 18kg (40lb) capacity. It sits on a rust resistant powder coated steel frame that can take loads up to 45kg (100lb).

The steel 'T' handle and 9" (20cm) diameter pneumatic tyres on rustproof poly rims provide total operator control and comfort.

Please note that this model is suitable for the application of dry, free flowing, processed white salts and ice melts but is not recommended for grit or rock salt.

Gardenlines Tip: Not recommended for use with rock salt. For more information please have a look at our blog article about ice melts.

  • 18kg (40lb) Hopper Capacity
  • EV-N-SPRED 3-hole Drop Shut-off System
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • 20cm (9") Diameter Pneumatic Stud Type Tyres
  • 45kg (100lb) Load Bearing Capacity
  • Enclosed Plastic/Ceramic Composite Gearbox
  • Steel 'T' Bar Handle
  • Variable Rate Control Lever on Handle
  • Assembly required
  • 5 Year EarthWay Warranty

Our price for the EarthWay 2600A Plus Push EV-N-SPRED Broadcast Spreader with SIDESPRED-CONTROL includes VAT plus FREE 2-3 working day delivery to UK mainland if ordered before 12 p.m. (excluding Isle of Wight and remote postcodes, which are subject to an additional charge).

For more information about the EarthWay SIDESPRED-CONTROL system, please watch the video below:

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£ 169.98
£ 169.98