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Sherpa Deluxe Cordless Knapsack Sprayer 16l

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Sherpa Deluxe Cordless Knapsack Sprayer 16l

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Sherpa Deluxe Cordless Knapsack Sprayer 16l...

Product : Excellent product. Heavier than I t6hought when used a backpack but as to be used mainly when in wheeled mode, just what I wanted. Impressed with built-in battery design and looks weatherproof.

Ray Potter
November 11, 2019
Well designed product and easy to control spray.

Product : Very versatile unit and easy to use

Ian Patterson
August 3, 2019
Sherpa Deluxe Cordless Knapsack Sprayer 16l...

Delivered on time sprayer works very well. Yes would definitely recommend

June 11, 2019
It works well

It works well. Great spray jet.

Mark Billington
June 6, 2019
Brilliant service that makes buying garden essentials really...

Brilliant service! Web design is excellent and ordering process really smooth. Quick delivery as well.

Christopher Williams
June 6, 2019
Great service

Product : Excellent piece of kit. Very easy to use.

June 5, 2019
the sprayer works as advertised and i am happy with it

Product : i asked for advice for a garden lawn sprayer and purchased a first class one.

Anthony Otway
March 14, 2019
Extremely effiicient and friendly/

The item arrived at the promised time, and when I had a query about the instructions, they contacted the makers of the item for a reply and passed it on promptly.

Gareth Davies
June 13, 2018
Sherpa Deluxe Cordless Knapsack Sprayer 16l...

’t reach the power switch. Otherwise, works really well.

Allan Watton
June 13, 2018
First class service and advice.

Overall product quality poor.

Fan Man
November 26, 2017


Sherpa Deluxe Cordless Knapsack Sprayer 16l

Sherpa Deluxe Cordless Knapsack Sprayer 16l


The Sherpa Cordless Deluxe Knapsack sprayer SXMD16E is a lightweight, versatile sprayer which offers the convenience of a go anywhere rechargeable knapsack sprayer without the need for constant pumping.

The strong, padded shoulder harness and ergonomic tank design to make it comfortable to wear. For spraying larger areas or a long time the spray trigger has a built in lock which means reduced hand fatigue.

The easy to adjust pump pressure means you can vary the amount of liquid sprayed; this makes it ideal for spot spraying of pesticides or for spreading fertiliser solution over a larger area. The kit also includes four different nozzles each with a different spraying pattern.

The 12V pump is powered by the built-in rechargeable battery which means no tedious pumping to keep the pressure up. On board is a meter which shows how much power is left in the machine and features a low battery warning alarm. Usually one charge is enough to spray hundreds of litres of water. The Sherpa cordless backpack sprayer is also supplied with a battery charger.

The neck of the tank is fitted with a removable inlet strainer. This helps to prevent foreign matter entering the tank which means less clogging and keeps the pump working at optimum output for longer.

The Sherpa Cordless Backpack Sprayer also comes with a unique detachable wheeled trailer with a telescopic pulling handle, ideal for transporting or if you prefer not to carry the weight of a sprayer on your back. Please note the trailer handle should only be used to pull the trailer along the ground especially when the tank is full.

  • Pump: Electric diaphragm pump
  • Battery: 12V 7Ah  (SLA Maintenance Free)
  • Dimensions: W 340mm x D 300mm x H 730mm
  • Sprayer weight: 5.6kg
  • Trailer weight 2.2kg
  • Capacity of tank: 16 litres
  • Locking trigger
  • Spraying lance (plastic / carbon)
  • Spray hose
  • Inlet strainer
  • Harness
  • Wheeled trailer
  • Four spray nozzles
    • Cone spraying nozzle 3.0~4.5 bar
    • Double spraying nozzle 2.5~4.0 bar
    • Fan spraying nozzle 0.20~0.40 bar
    • Four-hole spraying nozzle 0.20~0.40 bar
  • Sherpa 1 year domestic warranty

Our price for the Sherpa Cordless Battery-Operated Knapsack Sprayer SXMD16E includes VAT, and FREE next working day delivery to UK mainland if ordered before 2 p.m. (excluding Isle of Wight and remote postcodes, which are subject to an additional charge).

For more information about the Sherpa deluxe backpack sprayer please see the video:

SHERP SPRAYER SXMD16E 0711811998751
£ 109.98
5Average 4.8 based on 13 Feefo reviews
£ 109.98
5 (Average 4.8, based on 13 Feefo reviews)