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EarthWay High Wheel Cultivator EW6500

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EarthWay High Wheel Cultivator EW6500

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EarthWay High Wheel Cultivator EW6500

EarthWay High Wheel Cultivator EW6500


Available End of August 2021.Save money and time working in your garden with the EarthWay® 6500 High Wheel Cultivator! Equipped with three different heads: 5-tine cultivator, moldboard plough and twin end furrow plough, it is ideal for a multitude of garden and allotment jobs, from light ploughing and tilling, to furrowing and cultivating, the 6500 is a very versatile tool.

The handles and framing are constructed of heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel for a long life. For a more traditional softer handle – a wooden handled version is available too.

The 24” steel wheel takes the strain of operating the cultivator through pre-cultivated soil.

The 3-position adjustable height handle, and tool bar depth, makes the 6500 easy to adjust to make it comfortable to use.

A weed slicing hoe, which cuts weed off below the ground surface, is available as an accessory.

Gardenlines tip: The 6500 is NOT intended for use as a ground-breaking tool. It requires soil that has been ploughed or tilled.

  • 3-position height adjustable handle
  • Heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel frame
  • Easy change tool bar for quick tool installation
  • Large 24" steel wheel
  • 5-tine cultivator head
  • Moldboard plough head
  • Twin end furrow plough head
  • 5-year domestic warranty

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£ 174