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Eliet E401 Honda GX120 Petrol Scarifier

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Eliet E401 Honda GX120 Petrol Scarifier

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Eliet E401 Honda GX120 Petrol Scarifier

Eliet E401 Honda GX120 Petrol Scarifier


The Eliet E401 Honda GX120 Petrol Scarifier is powered by a 4hp Honda GX120 engine with a working width of 40cm is suitable for small and medium gardens. This robust design of high quality lawn scarifier is armed with a set of ELIET Permanently Sharp Blades™ and with the infinitely variable height adjuster the height can be adjusted with great precision.

The Eliet 401has14 fixed permanently sharp blades, each with two cutting edges so the blade makes two raking motions for each revolution. ELIET have developed the Permanently Sharp Blades ™ concept so their blades are self-sharpening and they retain their sharp cutting edge during their entire working life. They can be therefore be used until they are completely worn down and should last for 100hours.

The wheels have a diameter of 20cm for smooth running on any terrain. The nylon rims are shock-resistant and the roller bearings are able to withstand the sandy and dusty conditions encountered during dethatching.

The adjustment of the front wheels is infinitely variable with the height of each front wheel separately adjusted to ensure that the knife drum has the correct depth adjustment across the entire operating width. When adjusting the height of the rear wheels, you can choose from several fixed positions. Thanks to this double adjustment facility, you can ensure that the blades are fully and correctly positioned.

The large 60 litre capacity of the collection bag is ample to clear up the moss from several tens of metres. Even without using a collection bag, the large volume of raked moss does not expose the operator to anything that is thrown up by the blades as the rubber deflector will catch any dust and sand.

The knife drum is located within a thick steel housing in order to protect bystanders from any flying chippings. Thanks to the vertical belt tension system the belt retains its natural shape even when it is operating. This virtually eliminates wear on the belt, thus significantly extending its operating life. It has folding handlebars to ensure that the Eliet 401HC does not take up much space in your garage or in the boot of your car.

The Eliet 401HC scarifies lawns to encourage entry of air and moisture; it reduces compacted areas, allows top dressings to be used and encourages vigorous grass growth. As this machine is light and manoeuvrable, it can be used on every single square centimetre of your lawn and thanks to the infinitely variable depth adjustment, you can set the working depth extremely accurately

  • 4hp Honda GX120 Engine
  • 40cm Working Width
  • 14 Permanently Sharp Fixed Blades (2.5mm Thick)
  • Height Adjustable (Continuous on Front Wheels Two Position on Rear Wheels)
  • Easy Folding Handles
  • Large 60 litre Collection Bag
  • Weight 40kg
  • V Belt Transmission
  • Vertical Belt Tension Clutch

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£ 1353