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Ambrogio NEXTline Quad Elite

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Ambrogio NEXTline Quad Elite

RRP: £3,999.00 (13% off)

Ambrogio NEXTline Quad Elite

Ambrogio NEXTline Quad Elite


We are no longer able to sell this product. Please click here to see our range of robotic mowers.



Introducing the NEW Ambrogio QUAD Elite NEXTLine Robotic Mower dedicated to lawns with slopes up to 75%. Thanks to its innovative 4-wheel drive, electric-steering wheels and 10Ah battery, the Ambrogio Quad Elite robot can handle the steepest inclines and undulating terrain.

Fully 4-wheel drive, the Ambrogio Quad Elite has a motor on each traction wheel which allows the robot to steer and turn in any direction. Its compact and squared shape (only 53 cm) adds to its manoeuvrability. The handles on the 4 sides make it easy to carry.

The Ambrogio Quad Elite has a satellite navigation system SDM, based on advanced algorithms, which allows the mower to recognise the area that has just been mowed. It creates a virtual map and remembers the working times for each area, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.

The Geofence Alarm will alert you, via the remote Ambrogio App, if the robot exits the garden and this, coupled with a state-of-the-art anti-theft system, will help keep your robot safe and secure.

QUAD Elite is equipped with an active bumper and a RADAR sensor which helps it to navigate impassable objects such as trees, garden furniture and ornaments without bumping into them.

The QUAD Elite has an intuitive touchscreen display that makes interfacing with the robot incredibly simple. Adjusting the cutting height has never been easier - the 4.36 has motorised cut height adjustment so changing it is quick and precise.

For very large areas, the Ambrogio QUAD has an innovative ‘+ Infinity’ cutting system which means that it can communicate with other compatible robots to allow several robots to mow simultaneously in the same area in an intelligent and integrated way.

The Ambrogio NEXTLine is the only line of robot lawnmowers that has up to a 6-year warranty which is conditional on registration and regular servicing.

Gardenlines tip: perimeter wire is not included – please choose an installation pack from the accessory section below.

  • Maximum working capacity: 3,500m2
  • Brushless motor
  • 2 x 5Ah 26V lithium-ion batteries
  • Maximum allowable slope: 75%
  • Maximum slope: 70%
  • Slope on perimeter wire: 65%
  • Average working time: 2.5 hours
  • Contact recharge mode
  • 4-point star blade
  • Cutting width: 29cm
  • Cutting height: 25mm - 70mm
  • "+ Infinity" system
  • Spiral cutting
  • SDM - Satellite Dynamic Memory
  • ZGS sensors (grass-drop off)
  • Eco mode
  • Rain sensor
  • Can manage up to 8 separate areas
  • User interface touch screen display
  • Bluetooth-GSM app control
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Smart voice assistant
  • PIN Code 
  • Geofence
  • Weight including batteries: 18.5kg
  • Robot size (l x w x h) 53cm x 53cm x 33cm
  • Level of protection IPx5
  • UK plug
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty plus 4 year extension

Our price for the Ambrogio Quad Elite Robotic Mower includes VAT, and FREE next working day delivery to UK mainland if ordered before 2 p.m. (excluding Isle of Wight and remote postcodes, which are subject to an additional charge).

£ 3499
£ 3499