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Allett Kensington 17B Cylinder Mower

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Allett Kensington 17B Cylinder Mower

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May 21, 2016
Allett Kensington 17B Cylinder Mower

Allett Kensington 17B Cylinder Mower


The Allett Expert Kensington 17B Petrol Power Drive Lawn Mower with its 43cm (17") width of cut is designed for the keen gardener with a medium sized lawn who requires the independence of petrol power and the classically striped, close cut finish that is traditionally associated with Allett cylinder mowers.

This mower provides a 43cm (17") width of cut and is equipped with a six-bladed precision cutting cylinder that delivers 79 cuts per metre with infinitely variable micro cutting height adjustment from 6mm-32mm. For longer grass the side wheels supplied can be easily attached to elevate the mower and provide an effortless cut. 

The Kensington's cutting unit incorporates an adjustable static rake to tease and lift out dead material, moss and lateral grasses for improved cutting performance, whilst the revolutionary QC Quick Cartridge system allows you to not only remove the six blade cutting cylinder for re-grinding or replacement, but also to turn your lawnmower into a complete lawn management system  by substituting the optional cartridges see details below. 

The large and easily manageable throttle and twin split bale-bars control a three-way drive facility which allows the blades to be disengaged without stopping the engine for convenience when emptying the grass box or for powered movement around the garden. Also when mowing in awkward corners or around trees the drive can be disengaged for manual control. 

The Kensington 17 is fully featured with a plated steel front roller, a split differential heavy duty steel rear roller, foam-cushioned three height position fold down handles and an easy to remove and empty impact resistant polypropylene grass box.

Built by Allett in the UK the Kensington 17 carries a two year warranty on parts and labour.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you fill the engine with the FREE oil provided and check its level with the dip stick before use

  • Removable 43cm (17") 6-blade QC cutting cylinder
  • Briggs & Stratton XR550 127cc engine
  • 79 cuts per metre
  • Variable micro-set adjuster height adjustment: 6mm-32mm
  • 1.6 litre fuel tank
  • Split bale bar to engage cylinder and/or rear roller drive
  • 62 litre polypropylene grass box
  • Foldable three height position handles
  • Weight: 51kg
  • Overall width: 60cm
  • Optional additional cartridges available (please see Accessories section below) 
  • Manufacturers 2 year domestic warranty

A number of optional cartridges are available for use with this cylinder mower. Each cartridge can be clipped in and out with ease and convert this cylinder lawn mower into a complete lawn care machine.

  • The Aerator has a series of 2 pronged blades or slitting tines. It slits the soil allowing water and oxygen to the roots whilst at the same time pruning the roots and encouraging vigorous growth. Ideal for use in March through to November.
  • The Lawn Brush is a bristle brush that can be used for clearing worm casts and general debris. It is also useful for covering and renovating seed material or to work in a top dressing to the lawn.
  • The Scarifier has a series of Spring tines to gently remove moss and creeping weeds. Ideal for use in April and June
  • The Dethatcher is the most aggressive of the tools available.  It has a series of hooked blades which can penetrate the soil up to 6mm and will remove the densest layers of thatch.  Ideal for use in early Spring and early Autumn (Feb, March and Sep Oct).
  • The Verticutter has a series of saw toothed blades or tines which stands the grass up straight and removes lateral growth and moss. Ideal for use in April through to October.
  • 10 Blade cylinder has 10 hardened and ground steel cutting blades rather than 6 on the cutting cylinder supplied with the machine.  This 10 blade cylinder provides a much finer cut of 131 cuts per meter and is ideal for a finely manicured lawn.

To select any of these optional extras see the accessories section.

Our price for the Allett Kensington 17B includes VAT plus FREE 3-4 working day delivery to UK mainland  (excluding Isle of Wight and remote postcodes, which are subject to an additional charge).

Plus FREE lawnmower oil

To find out more about the Allett lawn mower, please watch the videos below (please note that the Kensington now has a Briggs and Stratton engine)


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£ 1239
5Average 5 based on 1 Feefo review
£ 1239
5 (Average 5, based on 1 Feefo review)