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Davaon Professional Bypass Secateurs DN3102AR

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Davaon Professional Bypass Secateurs DN3102AR

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November 5, 2020
Davaon Professional Bypass Secateurs DN3102AR

Davaon Professional Bypass Secateurs DN3102AR


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Introducing the Davaon® Professional Bypass Secateurs - a premium quality ergonomic garden pruning tool - designed with the user in mind. Able to handle tough pruning tasks, they are ideal for novice and professional gardeners alike. Their innovative design helps to reduce effort and strain by up to 30% - perfect if you experience aching hands and fatigue from repetitive pruning.

The auto rotating lower handle helps to reduce effort and strain by up to 30%, whilst increasing hand comfort. The lower handle rotates with your hand’s natural movement, spreading the pressure across your fingers rather than in one place. The result is less finger pain, reduced repetitive motion injuries and decreased fatigue, allowing you to prune for longer. The handle can rotate in either direction, meaning the Davaon® Secateurs are great for left and right handed gardeners.

The soft grip ergonomically designed top handle offers increased comfort and optimum fit to the palm of your hand. The ‘V’ of your palm (between index finger and thumb) fits neatly into the dip in the handle thus promoting best grip for use.

The Davaon® Pro Bypass Secateurs benefit from a finger protection shield, on the lower handle, which protects your hand and fingers from rose thorns or rough branches whilst trimming. You can even use it to push branches out of the way while cutting for extra confidence.

Our Davaon® Pro Bypass Secateurs have very sharp and strong SK5 carbon steel blades engineered to slice through stems and branches up to 22mm thick. The carbon steel blades are tough, less likely to nick and stay sharper for longer. The blades have a non-stick coating and sap groove to ensure smooth cutting, less sticking and help keep the blade cleaner after each cut. A convenient wire cutting notch is incorporated too.

Whether you have large or smaller hands, the locking mechanism also acts as a grip width adjustment switch. This means you can reduce the grip width by 50% which is ideal for smaller hands or if you are cutting thinner stems and branches.

The body of the Davaon® Pro Bypass Secateurs is made of strong, lightweight, forged aluminium for long lasting use.

  • Cutting capacity: up to 22mm
  • Blade: SK5 carbon steel
  • Handle: ergonomic soft grip
  • Body: forged aluminium
  • Product dimensions: 220mm x 50mm x 90mm
  • Weight: 331g
  • Suitable for left and right hand
  • Davaon® 3 year domestic warranty

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£ 20.98
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