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FirTree 0.3kW Little Gem Greenhouse Heater

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FirTree 0.3kW Little Gem Greenhouse Heater

FirTree 0.3kW Little Gem Greenhouse Heater

FirTree 0.3kW Little Gem Greenhouse Heater


The Hotbox Little Gem heater has an output of 0.3kW and will give frost protection in small areas such as cold frames and mini greenhouses and to curtained off areas of larger greenhouses.

Available from the options section below is a propane regulator, a B.S high pressure hose with two jubilee clips, supplied in 1 metre lengths; a gas low gauge, which when attached to a regulator will indicate when you need to replace the gas cylinder, and an auto changeover valve that will automatically switch from one gas cylinder to another (includes hoses, connections and full user instructions).

This heater is ideal for mini greenhouses and lean-tos up to 1.86 m2 (20 sq feet) and can offer frost protection in areas up to 5.6 m2 (60 sq feet).

Gas powered greenhouse heaters should only be used in well ventilated areas to ensure the CO2 sensor is not set-off thus cutting out operation.

  • Heat output: 0.3kW
  • Heating up to 1.86 m2 (20 sq feet)
  • Frost protection up to 5.6 m2 (60 sq feet)
  • Dimensions (h x d): 265 x 160mm
  • Made in UK
  • CE approved
  • 1 year doemstic warranty

Our price for the Hotbox Litle Gem heater includes VAT plus free delivery to UK mainland within 7 working days (excluding Isle of Wight and remote postcodes, which are subject to an additional charge).

£ 89
£ 89