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McCulloch 400T 40cc Petrol Chainsaw 16 inch

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McCulloch 400T 40cc Petrol Chainsaw 16 inch

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Supply of chainsaw
Product : The first unit broke down and I haven't used the replacement yet. I am disappointed with the McCulloch operating manual. McCulloch have a good website where they have videos showing how to start the chainsaw in which it says the chain brake should be engaged. The manual does not mention this and shows a diagram where the chain brake is not engaged when starting. Also their website and manual state a 50:1 fuel/oil mix when the chainsaw fuel cap states a 40:1 mix. McCulloch have confirmed that the latter is correct but it makes life confusing for a chainsaw virgin such as myself!
Andrew Potter
December 7, 2015
Product : Other than clean the 'delivery' oil from the body of the chainsaw and fill it with the essential lubricant and fuel I have only tried to start the machine on one occasion and this without success. In fairness I wish to add that a problem with my arm has prevented me from re-trying to start the chainsaw but I expect to be able to very soon and believe that not only will it start but will also give years of satisfactory service, if not I will need to contact the providers. Until the latter is decided I feel unable to say whether or I'd recommend Gardenlines
Alan Rodgerson
October 23, 2015
McCulloch 400T 40cc Petrol Chainsaw 16 inch...
John Harwood
October 15, 2015
Chain saw
Product : Easy to use, well balanced,
October 15, 2015
McCulloch 400T 40cc Petrol Chainsaw 16 inch

McCulloch 400T 40cc Petrol Chainsaw 16 inch

5Average 4.8 based on 4 Feefo reviews
£ 179.99
5 (Average 4.8, based on 4 Feefo reviews)