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Wheelbarrows & Trolleys

Transport your soil and machinery with ease using our range of wheelbarrows and trolleys, available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours to suit you. We even have self-propelled motorised barrows and folding trolleys.

Sack trucks are good for moving bags of soil or feed around. Trolleys, whether towed or pull along, are ideal for shifting large amounts of garden waste to the compost heap. Wheelbarrows are the staple of any British garden and we offer good sturdy brands here at Gardenlines.


Mammoth Wheelbarrow P16042

Mammoth Classic Duo Wheelbarrow

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Probably the finest wheelbarrow chassis ever conceived with a capacity of between 160-230 litres. Perfectly designed tipping bar allows barrow to stand upright while stored, being cleaned out or hosed down.


Out of stock