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EarthWay Spreaders

Earthway 2050SU Broadcast Spreader

EarthWay 2050SU Broadcast Spreader 36kg

Suitable for the application of grass seed, fertiliser and all other types of granular lawn and garden products this spreader features the Ev-n-Spred 3-hole drop system enabling accurate distribution of fertiliser and granular products in an even


Earthway 2600A Plus Broadcast Spreader

EarthWay 2600A Plus Broadcast Spreader 18kg

The closest you can get to a commercial spreader without the cost!


Earthway 7312 Drop Spreader

Earthway 7312 Drop Spreader

Dispensing material straight down from the hopper, the EarthWay 7312 Drop Spreader is a top of the line residential drop spreader, with 34kg (75lb) rustproof poly hopper capacity providing 56cm (22") of spread coverage in a single pass.


RRP: £156.00