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Snow Blowers & Shovels

Snow and ice can make even the simplest of tasks difficult and dangerous.

Clearing snow requires either a shovel or a snow blower. Our shovels come in a variety of sizes, weights and shapes, each with an ergonomic handle – perfect of clearing small drives, pathways and doorways. Snow blowers are suited to slightly larger areas, such as big drives or patios.

To clear icy paths and driveways you might like to consider one of our broadcast spreaders which will quickly and easily spread rock salt or ice melt to clear your icy patches.


Poly 18 Inch Snow Shovel 05923

This Poly Snow Shovel has a 15 x 18 inch blade and 36 inch wood handle with poly 'D' grip.

Featuring durable composite blades which resist cracking or breaking in cold temperatures, this shovel is ideal when the snow is heavy.



BustR Snow Shovel YH76060

The BustR Snow Shovel shovels snow, scrapes and chips ice.




Megamover Shovel 30 Inch YH777222

The MegaMovR shifts snow quickly and efficiently with its large scoop design.

It has a sturdy 30" wide & 22" (76cm wide x 56cm) polyblade with wear strip. Steel handle with cushion grip. Overall length: 54"




Aluminium Braced Heavy Duty 30 Inch Snow Pushers 03080

This Aluminium Heavy Duty Snow Pusher has a 12 x 30 inch blade and 42 inch wood handle with poly 'D' grip. The aluminium blade with brace adds extra support and the 'D' grip enables easy handling.



Polar Tuff Snow Plough 74900

The Polar Tuff Bi-directional Snow Plough makes it easy and simple to clear paths and other areas of snow in half the time with half the effort needed for conventional shovelling.



Polar Tuff 36 Inch Snow Scraper 77036

Ideal for fast clearing during light snow, the Polar Tuff Snow Scraper has a 12 x 36 inch blade with 54 inch braced fibreglass handle, with oversized 'D' grip.

Covers a large area in a short amount of time.



McCulloch SB121 Single stage Snow thrower

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Out of Stock - This item is currently out of stock, however it is available to backorder. Purchase item now and it will be dispatched when stock is available. Alternatively view our "Related Products" section.

This single stage snow thrower is ideal for removing snow from driveways, patios and areas around the house and grounds.


RRP: £400.00 (8% off)

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Handy THHX485 Snow Shovel

The Handy THHX485 Snow Shovel has a metal blade edge and measures 36.6cm in height by 48.6cm in width with an overall length of 130cm.

The metal shaft has an ergonomic rubber cover and a textured easy to grip plastic handle. 



In Stock


Multi Shifter Snow Blade

This British made Multi-Shifter is a new innovative all year round tool to help make light work of everyday outdoor clearance.



Handy Push Snow Plough THPSP

This Handy Push Snow Plough THPSP clears snow away from paths, drives and patios.

The spiral impeller rotates, as the snow plough is pushed, clearing the snow away to the right of the plough.


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