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Composting in your garden or allotment is a great way of getting nutrients back into the soil. It is also a very environmentally friendly activity and helps increase the quality of the flora and fauna in and on the soil. Have a look at our Guide to Composting for some general hints and tips.

The composters we sell are made from high quality pressure treated timber and come with a 20-year guarantee.

Draper 180 Litre Compost Tumber 07212

Draper 180 Litre Compost Tumber 07212

The Draper Compost Tumber 07212 is an easy way to produce garden compost, just load the barrel and turn it every few days. It provides self-sustainable, nutrient rich compost whilst allowing you to look after your environment and garden.


RRP: £147.86 (17% off)

Compost Tumbler 190

Henchman Compost Tumbler 190

Make your own compost most of the year round with the Henchman Compost Tumbler 190.