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The Best Tillers on Gardenlines

Getting your soil ready for planting can be hard work, so you should make sure you have the right machine for the job. With a powerful tiller you can break up compacted soil and blend in fertilizer for growing grass, plants, flowers or vegetables.

Below we showcase the best of our bunch of tillers so as spring approaches you can prepare your garden for planting. These products have the best reviews from our customers at the time of writing.


 Handy Electric Tiller

Handy Electric Tiller
Currently the cheapest tiller on Gardenlines, this offering from Handy is a top seller. With its 800 watt motor, it works to a depth of 20cm/8 inches, and weighs just 8.5kg.
Here’s why our reviewers love this model: • Time saving • Easy to use • Powerful even on hard ground • Makes tilling easy work with little physical effort • Robust



Handy THPMT Petrol Mini Tiller

Handy THPMT Petrol Mini Tiller
This tiller is from Handy’s premium range, and can be used in gardens or allotments on borders, flower beds, vegetable patches and narrow vegetable rows. It weighs just 15kg and tills to a depth of 20cm/8 inches.
Here’s why our reviewers love this model: • Great for gardens and allotments • Easy to use • Lightweight



Cobra T40B CultivatorCobra T40B Cultivator
The Cobra T40B Cultivator features four sets of tines and a reliable Briggs & Stratton 500 Series engine. It has a robust steel frame and tills to a depth of up to 25cm.
Here’s why our reviewers love this model: • Easy to use • Easy to assemble • Well constructed



Greenworks 40V Cordless TillerGreenworks 40V Cordless Tiller

This new cordless tiller makes light work of tilling your garden or allotment. The 40V battery means no shortage of power without the need for a cord or the weight of a petrol engine. Tilling depth of 13cm and 40 minutes work on one charge.
Here’s why our reviewers love this model: • Great for allotments or vegetable gardens • Takes the hard work out of gardening • All the functionality gardeners need



Have a look at our full range of rotavators and tillers.


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