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A Guide to Buying Log Splitters

Log splitters turn log chopping from a dangerous chore into a safe, easy, automatic operation. On a log splitter a switch is pressed and/or a lever is pulled to split a log. Log splitters make light work of what is normally a time consuming task. They also take the pressure off your back and provide improved safety. We have a superb range of log splitters for sale so we’re confident you’ll find what will suit you and your needs best.

Log splitters are good for anyone who has an open fire or log burner. For logs to be easy to store and burn they frequently need to be of a certain size. Log splitters will split logs safely and quickly to the required size. Even if you have a chainsaw you may still find a log splitter a useful addition. Chainsaws are good for chopping logs to the right length but a log splitter will split the logs to the required diameter.

Most log splitters split logs into two pieces. A popular accessory is the Four Way Wedge, which enables the log splitter to split logs into four smaller pieces, saving time and effort.

Types of Log Splitter

Horizontal Log Splitters
Horizontal log splitters are normally smaller, less expensive and excellent for domestic use. Logs are loaded into the machine horizontally. They can be used on the floor or at waist height with a stand. Some models come with a stand, such as the Cobra LS520H 5.5 Ton Electric Log Splitter with Stand; otherwise the stand can be purchased as an accessory.

Our most popular horizontal log splitter is The Handy 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter with stand.

Handy 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter with Stand





Vertical Log Splitters
Vertical log splitters are normally more adept for bigger tasks, splitting larger logs or higher volumes, often for commercial use. Vertical log splitters tend to be large, meaning they require more storage space.

Our most popular vertical model is The Handy Pro THPLS7TP Petrol Log Splitter

Handy Pro THPLS7TP Petrol Log Splitter





Manual Log Splitters
Manual log splitters are operated by a lever or foot pump. They require no electricity or petrol, so are simple machines, suitable for smaller volumes of logs. View our manual log splitters.

Our most popular manual log splitter is The Handy Manual Log Splitter.

The Handy Manual Log Splitter





Electric Log Splitters
As with most garden machinery, electric log splitters require less maintenance than petrol. Electric log splitters offer less power than petrol log splitters but are likely to be suitable for most households’ needs. Larger electric log splitters, such as The Handy Pro Vertical Electric Log Splitter, have powerful electric motors that require a good 13A electricity supply. View our wide range of electric log splitters.

Petrol Log Splitters
If you are likely to be splitting logs from close grain woods, such as cherry or basswood, powerful petrol log splitters are likely to be more suitable. View our range of petrol log splitters.