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Lawn Scarifying Guide

Lawn scarifying and lawn aeration can help rejuvenate your grass. Typically lawn scarifiers and lawn aerators are used in the spring and autumn. Lawn scarifying is designed to remove both moss and thatch from the lawn.

Lawn scarifiers work by using a rotating drum of spikes that dig into the grass and bring up the moss and thatch on its way out, flicking any debris into the collection box.

Lawn scarifying

Moss and thatch builds up in lawns over time and can effectively cut off a lawn’s air supply and may leave it looking patchy. Thatch is dead material which sits above the soil but beneath the grass blades. This can prevent moisture and nutrients actually reaching the soil and can encourage lawn disease. Scarifying lawns can help prevent and treat these problems.

Lawn aerators are similar to lawn scarifiers. They work by using hollow spikes which remove very small bits of soil as they leave the ground allowing air or moisture to reach under the surface or the soil. Lawn aeration is necessary for well used parts of lawn that become compacted over time which prevents moisture and air properly reaching roots.

lawn Aerator

Lawn aeration and lawn scarifying is best done in the spring or autumn. It is a good idea to feed your lawn before lawn scarifying. Check the lawn feed instructions to see how long it will take for the goodness to set in. After lawn scarifying the grass can look a bit messy. Take the time to ensure the grass is well watered after scarifying. This is also a good time to sow some additional seeds to close up any gaps after lawn scarifying. Autumn is a good time to sow extra grass seed as the cooler temperatures mean the seeds won't dry out and will need less watering.

Lawn scarifiers and aerators are available in petrolelectric, cordless or towed models.

Electric lawn scarifiers are perfect for lighter lawn scarifying work. You will be able to find electric models that combine both a lawn scarifier and an aerator. For larger lawns or lawns with a more serious thatch problem, then consider petrol lawn scarifiers. If you have a ride on lawnmower then consider investing in a towed scarifier.

View our full range of lawn scarifiers and lawn aerators. You may also be interested in our lawn care calendar or our guide to autumn lawn care.

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