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Best Lawn Aerators & Scarifiers

Typically lawn aerators and lawn scarifiers are used in the spring and autumn. They work by either removing moss and thatch from your lawn allowing it to breathe, or by poking ‘air holes’ into your lawn – also helping air and moisture to reach the grass roots. If you are looking to invest in a lawn aerator or lawn scarifier then we hope this list of some of our best lawn aerators and scarifiers is helpful. All of these products have been rated highly by unbiased customers so you can be sure that the products will not let you down and will meet your high performance standards.

Cobra SA32E 32cm Electric Lawn Scarifier and Aerator


Cobra SA32E 32cm Electric Lawn Scarifier and Aeratorr • This is a hugely popular, great value lawn scarifier from the renowned Cobra brand.
• With tow interchangeable cylinders, one for aerating and one for scarifiying, caring for your lawn has never been easier. 
• People have seen a great performance from this model, collecting bags of moss and thatch when it’s in use.
• This lightweight machine is ideal for domestic small to medium gardens.



Webb LS40P 2-in-1 Petrol Scarifier & Aerator


Webb LS40P 2-in-1 Petrol Scarifier & Aerator • This is powerful lawn scarifier and aerator provides fast, clog-free raking.
• With a rugged steel deck and low-emission engein this Webb machine will give long-lasting reliability.
• Adjustable working height and roomy 45 litre collection bag.
• Comes with 2 interchangeable cartridges: one 24 sprung tine scarifier cartridge and one 18 bladed aerator cartridge.



Handy Electric Lawn Scarifier


Handy Electric Lawn Scarifier• This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of storage space as it folds neatly and compactly.
• Ideal for the smaller lawn and it is good value for money.
• 5 adjustable height settings and rust proof plastic deck.
• Supplied with 2 cassettes one a spring tine cassette for removing moss and thatch and a fixed blade casssette for removing thick thatch and aerating the lawn.



Cobra S390B Petrol Scarifier


Cobra S390B Petrol Scarifier • Powered by a 550 series Briggs and Stratton 127cc engine - a tough reliable model that will keep going and going.
• This machine is ideal for larger lawns.
• Working width 38cm / 15" and working height 0 - 10 mm.
• Ergonomically positioned controls make using the machine easy and safe.
• With 2 year domestic warranty on the Cobra Petrol Scarifier you know you are getting a great quality machine.


Agri Fab Towed Spike Aerator 45-0544


Agri-Fab Towed Spike Aerator  45-0544 • This is ideal for larger areas.
• Clevis hitch included so you can simply hitch it up to your ride on lawn mower or ATV
• 10 spiked rotating discs acrss 40 inch (102cm) width, each with eight spikes
• Manufactured from steel for durability and strength

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