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Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter is a quiet time in the garden but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do when it comes to lawn care. Caring for your lawn properly in the winter will ensure that come spring time, it flourishes once more. Here are our tips on winter lawn care:

Winter Lawn Care DOs:

• Dig out large weeds.
• Watch out for growth spurts and if necessary give your lawn a light mow on a dry day using a high cutting setting on your mower.
• Remove fallen leaves and debris from your lawn. Thick layers of debris can suffocate and weaken your lawn during the winter.
• Read up on lawn care whilst things are quiet outside; then when spring arrives you’ll know exactly what to do to get your lawn looking great once more.
• Service your lawn mower to ensure it’s ready for action in the spring.


Winter Lawn Care DON’Ts:

• Walk on the grass too much (or at all if there’s been a frost) – this can damage your lawn.
• Overfeed your lawn – it can encourage early growth that can’t stand up to the weather.


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