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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is the best time to really enjoy your lawn and outdoor spaces. We’re out in the garden more, we might have family and friends round for BBQs and if you want your lawn looking spot on we’ve got some summer lawn care tips for you. These should make sure the grass on your side of the fence is greener. Gardenlines has some great tips on how to care for your lawn during the summer:

Summer Lawn Care Dos:

  • Cut the grass regularly! We recommend keeping the grass at around 2 inches long, this means cutting less off but cutting more often to keep the grass healthy. Have a look at our Guide to buying a lawn mower for tips on what to buy.
  • Watering – give the lawn a good soaking early in the morning or late in the evening during dry spells, when the water is less likely to evaporate. Once or twice a week will be enough.
  • Feed and weed – keep your feeding and weeding regime on schedule to ensure your grass is able to cope with warmer weather.
  • Aeration – to help your lawn absorb as much water and nutrients as possible why not aerate it with either a lawn scarifier or simply a fork or studded golf shoes.

Summer Lawn Care DON’Ts:

  • Water your lawn every day – this encourages shallow, weaker root systems which mean the grass will not be able to survive long periods of drought. Remember this tip if you are in an area that has a hosepipe ban too!
  • Over feed your lawn – summer is the natural growing season and a helping hand will encourage strong growth; but if you over feed the grass it will just grow too fast and you will forever be mowing it.
  • Mow too often – if you cut your lawn too much when it is dry you are likely to damage it.


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