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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is many gardeners’ favourite time of the year. The garden and lawn which has looked lacklustre over the winter months suddenly starts to come to life again. We’ve got some easy to follow tips for you on spring lawn care to help you make your lawn look as good as possible.

Spring Lawn Care DOs:

  • Service your lawn mower - it’s got a season of work ahead of it
  • Start cutting the grass at a higher cutting height when it begins to grow
  • Consider feeding and fertilising the grass – this will help it build its strength back up from the winter and get it ready for summer
  • Sow grass seed on bare patches of lawn. Many people also ‘overseed’ – this is where you sow seeds on non-bare areas of grass to create a thicker and healthier looking lawn
  • Edge your lawn – you’d be surprised how much better a lawn looks with straight/clean-cut edges
  • Aerate/scarify your lawn. See our lawn scarifying guide for more information on this. This will fully prepare your lawn for seeding, feeding and/or fertilising

Spring Lawn Care DON'Ts:

  • Don’t cut the grass too short to begin with as this will weaken it
  • Don’t forget to read the instructions and safety best practices before using any fertilisers or weed killers. If you feel concerned by ingredients used in these types of products then opt for organic versions.

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