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Mowers for Small Lawns

If you’re looking for the best lawn mower for small lawns then you need not look any further. If your garden is relatively small then you need not invest in a big old petrol mower, instead, you’re likely to find that one of the lawn mowers below will suit your mowing needs just perfectly! Below is a range of lawn mowers perfect for small lawns but you may also be interested in our full range of lawn mowers.

Webb H12R Push Lawn Mower - 12 inch



Webb H12R Push Lawn Mower • Utilises various cutting heights for different times of the year • 12 inch (30 cm) wide cutting width • Environmentally friendly - this is a push lawn mower which means there’s no electric or petrol power needed • Produces beautiful stripes on your lawn thanks to the roller • Our reviews say it’s easy to use, easy to assemble, it’s solid yet lightweight making it easy to push Buy Now



Flymo Turbo Lite 400 Hover Lawn Mower - 16 inch



Flymo Turbo Lite 400 Hover Lawn Mower • This is lightweight making it easy to move about • The handles fold down making it easy to store in compact places • Includes a 12m power cable making it suitable for smaller lawns • It also has many cutting heights • Our customers gave these mowers no less than four out of five stars when reviewing them! People wrote about how easy they are to use and how reliable Flymo mowers are generally. Buy Now



Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Lawn Mower - 12 inch

Bosch Rotak 32 Electric Lawn Mower • This mower features a unique ‘grass comb’ to ensure clean cuts along lawn edges and by walls • This mower is ultra lightweight (6.8kg) which is just what you need when mowing tricky terrains • This mower offers 1100 watt power which means you can expect a good cut on even longer and damp grass
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Speaking more generally, if you have a small area of lawn to mow then you need not invest in a big petrol lawn mower if you don’t want to. Many electric lawn mowers will offer a satisfactory cut and are often cheaper than their petrol counterparts. Do double-check that the length of the electric lawn mower cable will be long enough for you. Electric lawn mowers are also maintenance free! View our full range of electric lawn mowers. If the area of lawn that you have to mow is not only small but also difficult to get at with a regular mower then a hover mower would suit you. These ‘float’ on the cushion of air they produce making them good for getting at those hard-to-reach areas. If you want something that is even easier to maintain and requires neither petrol nor electric then a hand lawn mower will suit you and your small garden. They do require some man power but many are easy to push and are an eco-friendly, quiet mower choice. View our full range of lawn mowers, lawn mower accessories and lawn mower blades.