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Autumn Lawn Care

The autumn is a beautiful season but it is also a busy one for the proud lawn enthusiast. A good autumn lawn care regime will help keep it strong during the winter and beautiful by the time spring arrives. We hope this handy autumn lawn care advice is useful…

Keep Mowing: The grass is still growing but you may find you need to mow less as the weather gets cooler and the days become shorter.


Aeration and Scarification: Now is a good time to do this if you’re going to. Read our guide to scarifying a lawn for more information. Lawns can typically become compacted after a busy summer and also mossy too.


Sow Grass Seeds: If you’ve got a few bald (lawn) patches, now’s a good time to sow some grass seed – the weather’s cooler meaning your seeds won’t dry out in the heat.


Apply Autumn Lawn Treatments/Fertilisers: This can help a lawn that’s tired after a hot summer, or will help it last through the tough winters we’ve been having in recent years. Make sure you buy an autumn fertiliser, not a spring one! Why not make the job easier buy using a sprayer or spreader?


Raise the Mower Cutting Height: You will need to do this when grass growth really slows down. Raising the cutting height means you’re less likely to damage grass roots which can weaken it.


Clear Fallen Leaves: Do this with either a rake or a leaf blower vac, it’s tedious we know, but a covering of leaves on your lawn can lead to damp and disease. Do it once a week to keep on top of it.


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