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Introducing The Briggs and Stratton 675iS Engine

Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest producer of air-cooled petrol engines for outdoor power equipment. Headquartered in Milwaukee, USA. The Company designs, manufactures, markets, and services their petrol engines worldwide. Their founding principles are power, reliability and durability. Many of the petrol lawnmowers we sell here at Gardenlines are driven by a Briggs and Stratton engine.

The 675iS uses instart® technology to give the easiest starting engine ever. Just charge the lithium ion battery, clip it in the engine and mow!

The 675iS is very easy to maintain. There is no need to change the oil - just check the level and top it up if necessary.

With 9.8Nm of torque, the Briggs and Stratton 675iS is suitable for more demanding jobs such as cutting longer grass.


Key Features

  • instart® - push button start
  • Made in USA
  • The engine can deliver 9.8 Nm of torque
  • Suitable for lawns up to 1000m2
  • Quiet engine with a Super Lo-Tone™ muffler
  • No need to change the oil - just top it up as necessary
  • Lightweight - 30% lighter than other similar engines
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Backed by a comprehensive dealer network

How do I start my Briggs and Stratton 675iS engine for the first time?

  1. Add SAE 30 oil
  2. Check the level with the dip stick. It must be between the maximum and the minimum mark. Do not over fill
  3. Add fresh unleaded fuel
  4. Connect the spark plug
  5. Charge the lithium ion battery for at least 10 minutes (quick charge) or 60 minutes (full charge)
  6. Clip the battery onto the engine
  7. Lift the bail handle and hold it against the main handle
  8. Push the button or turn the key

How do I maintain and care for my Briggs and Stratton 675iS engine?

Briggs and Stratton recommend that you service your engine annually to extend engine life, improve performance, reduce emissions and improve reliability.

Before you start make sure the fuel level is low and the spark plug is disconnected.

Top up the engine oil

  • Remove the oil cap / dipstick
  • Check the oil level with the dipstick
  • Add new oil if necessary making sure that the level of the oil is between the minimum and maximum mark on the dipstick. Do not over fill it

Change the air filter

  • Remove the air filter cover
  • Remove the old air filter
  • Replace with a new air filter

Change the spark plug

  • Read the manual to find the correct spark plug part for your engine
  • Remove the old spark plug by unscrewing it with a spark plug spanner
  • Insert the new spark plug by screwing it in with a spark plug spanner. Do not over tighten

Add fuel stabiliser

  • Add Fuel Fit stabiliser to fresh unleaded fuel. Refer to the Fuel Fit instructions for the correct mix ratio
  • Shake gently to mix
  • Fill the fuel tank

Reconnect the spark plug and you are ready to go!

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