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Fire Pit or Patio Heater?

Do you want to make the most of your garden throughout the year? Fire pits and patio heaters can make a great addition to any garden, patio or terrace. Not only do they provide much needed warmth and heat but they create a great ambiance in the garden too.

Fire Pits

Fire Pits are like your very own outdoor fireplace. They come in contemporary and rustic styles to suit any garden or patio and are fantastic for creating lots of heat and a heart-warming atmosphere.

Fire pits use wood, coal or gas to get them fired up. If using wood or coal then it’s best to get them started an hour before you want to enjoy them, so that they have time to build up the heat. Make sure you have plenty of dry firewood stocked up, so you’ll be able to enjoy your fire pit all year long. Gas fire pits can run off natural gas or LPG propane canisters. They are quick to light and will provide warmth straight away.

A beautiful fire pit can be an architectural statement or focal point for your garden, whatever the weather or time of year.




Gas Patio Heaters

Gas Patio Heaters come in a variety of styles to complement any garden, terrace or patio. They are both functional and decorative – giving you heat and light - creating an inviting ambiance to your outdoor social space. They run from LPG propane gas cylinders which are cunningly concealed inside.

As opposed to gas fire pits, gas patio heaters will emit heat from head height downwards and are ideal for keeping guests warm if they are sitting outside chatting or eating.

For more subtle heating whilst dining alfresco, choose a mini table top heater.  




Take a look at the wide range of Fire Pits and Patio Heaters that Gardenlines have available to find which one is right for you.


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