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The Best Chainsaws According to Us Here at GardenLines

Year-on-year we see certain chainsaws leave the shelves like hot cakes. Our best chainsaws have a few things in common. They are reliable, they perform as promised and they’re easy to use – you the customer tells us so. Our best chainsaws suit everyone from the homeowner to the professional. If you’re struggling to find the best chainsaw to meet your needs then look no further. We’ve picked out our best chainsaws and highlighted their strengths for you. View our full range of chainsaws.

Choosing the Best Electric Chainsaw

  • They’re more suited to lighter use
  • They use a cable so you’ll need to be close to a power source
  • They’re quieter, lighter and more environmentally friendly than petrol chainsaws

Choosing the Best Petrol Chainsaw

  • These are better suited to tougher jobs
  • They do not use a cable so you’re free to use them wherever
  • They will need refuelling and servicing like your car

Choosing the Best Cordless Chainsaw

  • These are often as powerful as petrol but much more lightweight
  • They do not use a cable so you’re free to use them wherever
  • They are more environmentally friendly than electric mahcines and less messy than petrol machines


Handy THPCS16 Petrol Chainsaw


  • Handy THPCS16 Petrol ChainsawGreat price for a lot of power
  • Lightweight
  • Uses a top quality Oregon chain bar
  • Features a chain brake for added safety
  • Easy to assemble




Bosch AKE40 19s Electric Chainsaw


  • Bosch AKE40 19s Electric Chainsaw1900 watt high power motor
  • Uses Bosch SDS system for quick and easy tool-free chain tensioning
  • Chain runs at 12m per second – which means fast, precise and clean cuts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quiet in operation




Greenworks 24volt Cordless Chainsaw

  • Greenworks 24volt Cordless ChainsawAuto oiler with clear view window for easy oil level check
  • Tool-less chain tensioning with quick adjust knob
  • will run for up to 35 minutes – or make 50 cuts of 10cm x 10cm wood on one charge
  • 2Ah Li-ion battery and charger included





Makita UC3541A2 Electric Chainsaw

  • Makita UC3541A2 Electric ChainsawUses automatic chain lubrication and a fast acting brake
  • Designed with user comfort in mind with its ergonomic handle
  • A powerful 1800 watt, high torque motor
  • One of the lightest chainsaws around
  • 10m cable for long range work



Cobra CS40E 2000 watt Electric Chainsaw

  • Cobra CS40E 2000 watt electric chainsawEasy to start
  • 13.5m/s Chain Speed
  • Powerful 2000 Watt Motor
  • Tool Free Chain Tensioning
  • 10m Cable




EGO Power Plus 56volt Cordless Chainsaw


  • EGO Power Plus 56volt Cordless ChainsawTool free chain tensioning with quick adjustment knob
  • Features automatic chain lubrication
  • Weight without the battery 3.76kg
  • 2.0Ah EGO 56V battery and EGO standard charger included
  • cuts up to 100 pine wood logs 10cm x 10cm on one charge




McCulloch cs 400T Petrol Chainsaw


  • McCulloch cs 400T replacing the MAC842 Petrol ChainsawThis new model features Soft Start tech - this means 40% reduced cord resistance
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Uses OxyPower engine technology for better fuel consumption, few emissions and more power
  • An effortless pull start system
  • Has a very powerful 40cc engine




View our full range of chainsaws.