Best Grass Trimmer Buys

Best Grass Trimmer Buys

Whether you're a gardening expert or a beginner, a quick and easy way to make your lawn look special is to trim the edges with a grass trimmer. There's a huge number on the market so read on to find out which one’s right for your needs. Here at Gardenlines we’ve put together our guide to the best strimmer buys based on user reviews and popularity.

Petrol Trimmers

Petrol trimmers are a popular type of trimmer. Petrol trimmers are suited to both domestic and professional use. They have a large range and are not tied to a power source. Here are a couple of our most popular petrol trimmers:

This model offers great value for money backed by a trusted gardening machinery brand. At only 3.6kg a very light machine with a tap'n'go head.

A versatile machine that comes with both a metal blade for heavy duty brush cutting and nylon line for grass trimming, this is a really handy multi purpose tool suitable for all sorts of garden jobs.

Electric Trimmers

Electric trimmers are a great choice if you do not like the fumes and mess of a petrol trimmer and suit smaller gardens. They are easy to start and as most are made mainly of toughened plastic they are lighter than petrol trimmers. Electric trimmers have similar power as petrol trimmers so you don’t lose out on any cutting capability. Our customers like these electric trimmers:

This is one of our lightest models but still has the power to get the job done with a 450W motor. The head of the Webb ELT450 can be rotated through 90o so the trimmer can be used to edge your lawn and boarders.

This electric trimmer is another top buy. It is a low cost option but still provides great performance. This trimmer is particularly lightweight which is good when you need to get at those hard to reach areas.

Cordless Trimmers

Cordless trimmers are a good choice if you are working away from a power source as they use a rechargeable battery. Our customers have been impressed with the length of the charge life on cordless trimmers. Also, some people have commented on how useful a cordless trimmer is on an allotment where often there is no electricity supply. Another great feature of cordless trimmers is they are lightweight and easy to handle. Here are a couple of our most popular models:

With the latest battery technology the EGO Power Plus String Trimmer can run for up to 30 minutes on one charge of the 2.5Ah battery. With the convenience of the interchangebale battery system of the EGO range

This machine is ideal for small to medium gardens. The new DigiPro brushless motor from Greenworks means longer life and improved performance. With a dual line head and metal blade included.

Trimmer Accessories

Once you have picked your trimmer do not forget the extras like safety goggles, ear defenders, replacement strimmer lines and a harness (if one is not supplied). Try our Handy Trimmer Safety Kit which includes a visor, ear muffs and sturdy gloves or browse our safety equipment section to make sure you are safe while on the job. As with any garden machinery. Gardenlines recommend you read and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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