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A Guide to Buying Garden Shredders

  Which Garden Shredder Should I Buy?  

Environment Friendly Lawn Mowers

Here at Gardenlines we understand that many of our customers are concerned about the environmental impact gardening can have.

EGO Cordless Lawn Mower, Leaf Blower, Hedge Cutter, Grass Trimmer and Chainsaw

Gardenlines is proud to bring you EGO - the first line of cordless electric garden machinery with the power and performance of petrol – “Power Beyond Belief”.

Lawn Care Calendar

Keeping your lawn looking tip top and healthy all year may seem like a back breaking job, but as is often the case it is not as big a task as it may first appear.

Glossary of Lawn Mower Terms

More information on commonly used lawn mower terms

A Guide to Buying Log Splitters

Log splitters turn log chopping from a dangerous chore into a safe, easy, automatic operation. On a log splitter a switch is pressed and/or a lever is pulled to split a log.

Lawnmower Buying Tips

The lawn mower is arguably the most important member of your garden machinery family. Therefore it's important to choose the mower suitable to your needs.

Winter Planting

Looking forward to summer already? There might not be as much to do in the garden during winter, but there is still planting to be done.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter is a quiet time in the garden but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do when it comes to lawn care.